Authentic Mexican Food

San Blas
West Linn

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Authentic Mexican Food

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From Our Costumers

The people are amazing, the atmosphere is perfect, the food is even better. They make it with love for their customers and I can definitely tell. Sweetest people I’ll ever meet! Jesus is the top best employee’s so sweet very welcoming and is a very hard worker!! Will definitely be coming back 100% recommend..”

Tshai D.

Great food at a low price. The staff is polite and the wait for the food was minimal. Two thumbs up-for those of you old enough to remember what that means. Lol.”

Rodney M

First time here, very clean and the atmosphere is great. The wait staff is very friendly. The food was excellent my granddaughter had the bean tostada and I had two tacos and an enchilada plate. Both were very good.

Alfred J

Just moved here and was hoping to find my go-to Mexican food restaurant. Found it! The food was incredible! Authentic Mexican food and the service was great. Maria was such a nice person and was very attentive to anything I asked for. 6/5 stars!

Alex T

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