Authentic Mexican Food

San Blas

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Authentic Mexican Food

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From Our Costumers

“Was in the mood for some fajitas, so I decided to try San Blas for the first time. They did not disappoint! Not only was the food tasty and delicious (not to mention kid-approved) but the decor was beautiful inside as well.”

Melissa Y.

“We have been enjoying dining in for a while now. The Mexican food is delicious. Good parking lot. The chili relleno was good, as well the pork enchiladas and chorizo burrito.”

John W

“This restaurant has been around since I was a little kid and the same family owns it and works there! I loved going here with my family when I was little and going back for Mother’s Day this year was wonderful!”

Annika P.

“I am very pleased to announce that the tortilla soup was delicious. Hubby had the spinach burrito and loved it. We will be back for more.”

Maren T

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